What is the basic idea of regenerative medicine? We draw a small quantity of patient’s blood, put it in a special machine (centrifuge) and turn the machine on. The centrifuge separates patient’s blood into several fractions. A fraction of cells which promotes regeneration and healing of tissue is then taken.
          Then, those cells are used where they are needed – in facial skin regeneration and rejuvenation (anti-wrinkle therapy), in a treatment of alopecia (baldness), or to treat sports injuries (tendones, ligaments, joints, muscles etc.)

          In implantology, these cells are used for new bone creation, better healing and higher success rate of dental implants.

          The centrifuge machine in Alpha dental Clinic is unique in the world and does its job significantly better after applying Super-Stable Centrifuge Concept.

When you are creating something new, you should do it with love

          This sentence was the guiding light towards creating Super-Stable Centrifuge Concept. The idea was born after dr. Beus encountered an american research named:

„The impact of the centrifuge characteristics and centrifugation protocols on the cells, growth factors, and fibrin architecture of a leukocyte- and platelet-rich fibrin (L-PRF) clot and membrane“       Journal Platelets, Volume 29, 2018

         Constantly following research and new scientific protocols is the key to having a high-quality surgical practice. Dr. Beus has spent months discussing and re-thinking concepts of PRP and PRF, and all other blood-centrifugation products (PRGF, Orthokine) before coming up with Super-Stable Centrifuge Concept.

          This was one of the research that has shown to be a game changer. Basically, the research proves that the QUALITY of the blood product, after centrifugation, heavily depends on the quality of the centrifuge itself. The key issue is STABILITY. Improved stability brings more alive cells and better quality of the fibrin network.

Better blood product = higher implant success rate

A - Healthy cells

B - Cells damaged by vibration and shaking

          So, what did we do?

          We opened up a centrifuge machine and effectively increased stability, adding additional weight. The machine was also structurally reinforced, using special anti-vibrational material along with static improvements.

          The result? Extremely quiet and stable small table-top centrifuge – probably the most stable one in the world today. Therefore, it can be argued that all of the blood products obtained with our centrifuge are the best quality, with the biggest percentage of surviving cells and preserved natural fibrin network.

           The centrifuge is positioned on anti-vibrational stand, made specifically for it, with overall weight of more than 100 kg. It is also positioned in a horizontal plane perfectly, and connected to a power outlet with a special power cable, so the electric power it draws is of the highest quality.

          Blood products, both solid and liquid, are obtained from patient’s own blood. All cells, growth factors and fibrin are already within the patient’s blood. Our centrifuge just does a much better job of exctracting it into injectable or solid form products. Injectable products (I-PRF Alpha) are used for regenerating joints, ligaments, tendones, or regenerating and rejuvenating skin. Solid form products are used as a bone or soft tissue producing material in oral surgery.

          Regardless of the use, the Super-Stable Centrifuge Concept provides the highest percentage of undamaged cells within any blood product available today produced by any small table-top centrifuge. Also, remember – that means the smallest percentage of damaged and dead cells, which will only trigger catabolic (destructive) activity within your body.

          The truth is, if you want a top quality product – it has to be made by hand. Manufacturers make everything to sell and up to a certain point of expense (the lower – the better). Absolute best exists probably only in Formula 1 or similar competitions.

           Super-Stable Centrifuge Concept was made for absolute best. Alpha Dental Clinic is the only clinic with this innovation. We are proud to say that this is our contribution to dentistry.