A natural tooth is very valuable and needs to be saved whenever it’s possible. The tooth with inflammation between the roots has to be taken out, at least according to official dentistry today.

            Luckily, dentistry does move forward. This is a presentation of one very demanding case with inflamation between the roots. It was successfully cured with a new method developed by dr. Beus.

             The patient contacted Alpha Dental Clinic asking „the tooth to be saved at any cost“. His dentist has told him that the tooth has to be taken out, and that no one can save it. The patient had some pain, but the main problem was the creation of yellow pus around the tooth. It happened every day and did not stop.

             RVG X-ray showed significant inflammation under the tooth and between the roots, with abundant destruction of bone tissue.

First we choose the endodontic (root canal) therapy. The progress can easily be seen in RVG X-ray

            Of course, root canal therapy has its limits. It did not solve the main problem, and that is inflammation between the roots. Dr. Beus has chosen to deal with the problem surgically, with a new method that has been used for the first time.

Intra operational photos

           The surgery was a complete success. With the use of PRF ALPHA obtained from patient’s own blood, and mineral material used to create new bone tissue – we achieved successful bone regeneration. The bacterial inflamation was gone.

           This can be seen on RVG X-ray taken 2 years after the surgery. The bacterial inflammation is completely healed, and satisfactory bone regeneration is achieved. The black area between the roots has been changed to grey area, which means the new bone creation.

            The tooth looked like this 2 years after the treatment, and it looks identical today. The patient feels great and has had no problems at all since the surgery. No more swelling, pain or pus creation.

             This was done in year 2017. Then, it took 2 months to achieve this result.

             Today, it would go much faster. In the meantime, we also perfected Alpha Centrifuge Concept, so PRF ALPHA would be of much greater quality and much more efficient. That would shorten the treatment time significantly, as more healthy blood cells would kill the bacteria faster.

             This is the first time in Croatia (and in EU, to the best of our knowledge) that someone has successfuly performed and documented this type of surgical procedure.