Dr. Branimir Beus

  • One of the best 3% students of all-time in Zagreb Dental College with 4.7 grade average (5.0 being the ideal). Never failed a single exam in college.
  • The founder of Alpha Dental Clinic in 2003, more than 20 years of experience with dental implants and all surgical procedures
  • Creator of Beus micro-fracture surgical technique for placing dental implants in very narrow bone
  • Inventor of Alpha Centrifuge Concept and PRF ALPHA
  • Specializes in dental implants and oral surgery

Dr. Ivana Miletić Brkan

  • Zagreb Dental College graduate with 4.5 grade average
  • Works in Alpha Dental Clinic since 2005, 18 years of experience with dental implants, prosthetic work and esthetic solutions
  • Master of dental esthetics, teeth whitening and any esthetic procedure
  • Specializes in metal-free ceramic and zirconia crowns and veneers
  • The heart and soul of Alpha Dental Clinic

Srđan Ijačić

The main dental technician in Alpha Dental Clinic’s laboratory. More than 25 years of working experience. Specializes in CAD/CAM prosthetic work on dental implants

Loredana Zuban

Nurse and dental assistant. Also graduated physical therapy, which helps in treating Temporo-Mandibular Joint disorders

Ivan Pelja

Dental Assistant and medical technician. Excellent surgical assistant, especially in very demanding maxillary sinus / bone augmentation surgeries

Marija Buotić

A student of 4th year of dental college in Split. Teaching in our clinic begins early, way before college graduation

Ezriana Zabdelin

Administrator in our clinic. Our international reinforcement from Indonesia. College degree in social welfare in UI (Jakarta)

Zrinka Zlatar

Amazing dental technician in esthetic dentistry. Capable of solving extremely demanding esthetic situations. Specializes in zirconium and metal-free ceramic crowns and veneers.More than 25 years of working experience.

Nila Botić

Dental techinician

Tanja Ijačić

Dental techinician

Ana Smeh

Dental techinician

Dora Filipović

Dental techinician

Rozario Papak

Dental techinician

Dina Kukoč

Dental techinician