Alpha Dental Clinic is the only dental clinic in Croatia that has employed a medical doctor – a specialist of orthopedics and traumatology.
We are the first clinic in the world that has fully cured frozen shoulder. We are also the first clinic in the world that has successfully returned a football player back to the football field after complete rupture of Achilleus tendon – in only 3 months.
We provide orthopedic examinations with ultrasound (Siemens X150) and regenerative treatments with our own innovation – PRF ALPHA.

 PRF ALPHA is the best PRP / ACP / PRF / “blood plasma” treatment in the world.

It is the only treatment that:
– Provides 100% of alive and healthy blood cells and proteins
– Contains no chemicals at all, no anticoagulants or activators
– Has cell and protein composition individually tailored to a specific diagnosis / patient

A - Healthy cells

B - Cells damaged by regular centrifuge

 Patient is given the exact composition of blood cells and proteins he needs, without any chemicals, and without dead or damaged blood cells / proteins. That is why PRF ALPHA can also heal the diagnoses that regular PRP can not. Simple as that.

 So, what can we cure?

Literally all injuries or inflammations – tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints. Diagnoses like tennis elbow, damaged cartilage or joints , osteoarthritis, meniscus injuries, runner’s knee, carpal tunnel syndrome, all ruptures of muscles, tendons and ligaments…. Literally everything that causes pain or doesn’t function properly.
PRF ALPHA causes real regeneration, not just anti-inflammatory action. That’s why it is better than corticosteroid injection, or far better than any other injection treatment.

But don’t take our word for it, feel free to watch the video testimonials of the patients that have been treated with PRF ALPHA:

Achilleus tendon before treatment (arrows show rupture - black color)
Achilleus tendon after treatment - 100% regeneration of tendon

 Dr. Branimir Beus has also been treated with PRF ALPHA, for his own sports injuries (7 times this far). Furthermore, he was the first patient to ever receive PRF ALPHA treatment.

 PRF ALPHA also shows amazing results in the fields of dermatology (skin issues) and esthetics (youthening of the face).