I-PRF ALPHA (Injectible Platelet-Rich Fibrin Alpha) is the result of Alpha Dental Clinic’s own research and innovations. It is our proprietary premium quality product which is obtained by centrifugation of patient’s own blood. There is not a single blood product (PRP, ACP, PRGF, I-PRF etc.) which surpasses I-PRF ALPHA in quality. Anywhere in the world, regardless of price.

        The quality of every blood product is measured by the amount of alive and undamaged blood cells. I-PRF ALPHA has the highest percentage of alive and undamaged blood cells in the world today.

A - Healthy cells

B - Cells damaged by vibration and shaking

        I-PRF ALPHA contains no chemicals, anticoagulants or chemical activators. It is absolutely safe for any application and has zero health risks. It contains only ingredients from patient’s own blood, which means that allergic reactions or other side-effects are not possible.

        The treatment is painless, in the facial area we use anesthetic cream, and even without it the pain is minimal. The result is the activation of body’s own regenerative mechanisms with gradual and certain effect.

        I-PRF ALPHA has been developed through our Super-Stable Centrifuge Concept. Without the centrifuge of the highest quality, only regular quality of the blood products would be possible.

        The process starts with the drawing of the small amount of patient’s blood. After that, the blood is subjected to centrifugation process in order to separate it to its basic compounds (different groups of cells). We only take the cells which are responsible for tissue regeneration (stem cells, platelets with growth factors, and white blood cells in strictly defined ratio). We bring those cells where they are needed. That’s it.

 I-PRF ALPHA has 3 applications:

  1. FACE – Regeneration and rejuvenation of skin (it can be combined with hyaluronic fillers)
  2. ORTHOPEDIC APPLICATION – Treatment for sports injuries and damaged joints
  3. BALDNESS OR THIN HAIR – for stronger and more vital hair, or re-growing of hair

        Regardless of the application, alive and undamaged cells will do what they are supposed to do. They will regenerate and create new healthy tissue, act anti-inflammatory and promote tissue rejuvenation.

     On the contrary, damaged or dead cells will only cause inflammation and catabolism (destruction) of tissue. And what causes damage and death of cells during centrifugation? Instability and vibrations of the centrifuge.

        Which is exactly the reason why we created our Super-Stable Centrifuge Concept.

        During research and testing phase, we also developed our own proprietary blood centrifugation protocols. We don’t use one blood centrifugation protocol, but instead the centrifugation protocol and composition of I-PRF ALPHA is individually adapted to the patient’s needs. Each patient is individual, every injury is different. We want to make sure that you will get the cells that you need for your specific problem.

      Our patients often ask us if I-PRF ALPHA is „blood plasma treatment“. By „blood plasma treatment“, usually they refer to PRP/ACP method.

      I-PRF ALPHA is improved, state-of-the-art version of PRP/ACP. Both of them are blood based products, but there are several important differences.


  • Super-Stable Centrifuge Concept
  • No anti-coagulants or any chemicals
  • Individually tailored composition of Blood product
  • Platelets with growth factors, stem cells, white blood cells (in strictly controlled amount) and well-preserved fibrin matrix
  • 2 doses are included in the price (3.5 – 5 ml)


  • Standard, factory-made centrifuge
  • Usually anti-coagulants (ACD) and activator (thrombin) are used
  • Identical composition and centrifugation protocol(1500 rpm / 5 minutes)
  • Platelets with growth factors
  • 1 dose (2 - 2,5 ml)

          Dr. Beus has used I-PRF ALPHA on himself for biceps tendon injury which has caused problems for 8 months. Even without the guidance of ultrasound, we gained 80% improvement only 4 weeks after the treatment. And real results are shown 3-6 months after the treatment, when the tissue has had enough time to heal and regenerate.

         If needed, the treatment can be repeated up to 5 times, with 3 – 5 weeks between injections (in big majority of cases, 1 – 3 times is enough).