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Meet Our Team

Dr. Branimir Beus

  • One of the best 3% students of all-time in Zagreb Dental College with 4.7 grade average (5.0 being the ideal). Never failed a single exam in college
  • The founder of Alpha Dental Clinic in 2003, more than 20 years of experience with dental implants and all surgical procedures
  • Creator of Beus micro-fracture surgical technique for placing dental implants in very narrow bone, inventor of Alpha Centifuge Concept and  PRF ALPHA
  • Specializes in dental implants, oral surgery and PRF ALPHA treatments

Dr. Ivana Miletić Brkan

  • Graduated from Zagreb Dental College with 4.5 grade average. Never failed a single exam in college. Works in Alpha Dental Clinic since 2004, 18 years of experience with dental implants, prosthetic work and esthetics dentistry.
  • Master of dental esthetics, teeth whitening and any esthetic procedure.
  • Specializes in metal-free ceramic and zirconia crowns and veneers. The heart and soul of Alpha Dental Clinic

Loredana Zuban

  • Nurse and dental assistant.
  • Also graduated physical therapy, which helps in treating Temporo-Mandibular Joint disorders

Ivan Pelja

  • Dental Assistant and medical technician.
  • Excellent surgical assistant, especially in very demanding maxillary sinus / bone augmentation surgeries

Srđan Ijačić

  • The main dental technician in Alpha Dental Clinic’s laboratory.
  • More than 25 years of working experience.
  • Specializes in CAD/CAM prosthetic work on dental implants

Ezriana Zabdelin

  • Administrator in our clinic.
  • Our international reinforcement from Indonesia.
  • College degree in social welfare in UI (Jakarta)

Marija Buotić

  • A student of 4th year of dental college in Split.
  • Teaching in our clinic begins early, way before college graduation

Zrinka Zlatar

  • Amazing dental technician in esthetic dentistry.
  • Capable of solving extremely demanding esthetic situations.
  • Specializes in zirconium and metal-free ceramic crowns and veneers.
  • More than 25 years of working experience.

Why Choose Us?

     Dr. Beus started Alpha Dental Clinic in 2003. Dr. Miletić-Brkan works in our clinic since 2004.

     Dr. Beus and dr. Miletić-Brkan both finished Dental College in Zagreb (capitol of Croatia) – dr. Beus with an average grade of 4.7, dr.Miletić-Brkan with an average grade of 4.5 (5.0 being an ideal).

     None of them have ever failed a single exam.

     Combined, they have more than 30 years of experience with dental implants. They are the doctors who will treat you.

     Not somebody of whom you’ve never heard of or even seen on a website.

     We have a student in training (Marija Buotić) who learns in the clinic during her college time. We take our staff employment process very seriously.

     Most of the clinics change doctors constantly. We don’t.

     We are not the biggest clinic in Croatia, and we don’t want to be. What we provide is maximum quality level and dedication to every patient. We don’t have to place 2.000 implants per year just to cover the cost. We just do what you actually need – not more or less.

     Alpha Dental Clinic has contributed to the oral surgery and medicine by its own innovations:

      We also successfully performed surgical cleaning of the inflamed bifurcation (the space between the roots of the tooth). In order to save the tooth (which was proclaimed impossible to save, at least by current dental standards), we managed to clean out the infection and enable new bone growth. We are the first clinic in Croatia (possibly even EU) who managed to achieve that and document it.

     Every performed procedure is under minimum warranty of 3 years, or longer (for dental implants guarantee is 10 years* ). If you are not satisfied with something, and the cause is our work, we will repeat the treatment free of charge. We guarantee our maximum effort for your dental health.

     Our work and materials either equal or surpass the quality of any dental team in EU or USA, or any other country in the world. Our success rates more than meets world standards for every performed procedure.

* under the condition that professional cleaning and regular everyday hygiene is maintained

     Dental treatment causes enough anxiety in many people, and we don’t need to make it worse. We will do our best to relax a patient and make your time in our clinic as enjoyable as possible.

     Just check our Google reviews and see what our patients say about us. We are the first (and for now only) medical or dental clinic in Croatia that has reached 150 of 5.0 reviews on Google. Alpha Dental Clinic is the highest rated dental clinic in Croatia.