Working standards & Success rates

Sterilization is performed to the maximum. This is taken very seriously in Alpha. We combine methods of dry sterilization, vacuum autoclaves and chemical sterilization. Each patient is aproacched only with the gloves and surgical mask. Every needle is used only once and thrown away immediately. Your health is important to us.

Composite (white) fillings are a standard in Alpha. We use only the latest and most advanced composite materials, which have been tested both by scientific community and our clinic. For every filling made, we keep the record of materials being used. That way we can see which materials work best. For every material used, we keep a recorded history of several hundred patients and their experiences. This mix of implementing new materials and experience through constant work is what sets our clinic apart from the others:

  • Glass-ionomer cements are used as a standard (whole GC - Fuji line, VOCO glassionomer materials etc.),
  • Bonding materials (OptiBond S, G-bond, 3M Espe Single bond 2) are among the best in world,
  • Composite materials (GC Genial, 3M ESPE Filtek Ultimate, Ivoclar Vivadent Empress Direct, HK Charisma Diamond) which are all the best in the world today.

We choose the kind of composite material according to situation.That way patient gets maximum quality in every possible situation.

Several thousands fillings have been made in Alpha in past few years. Less than 30 needed to be repeated during 4-year period. Also, fillings showed no discolorations in regular check-ups. Patients are totaly free from any pain. The success rate is more than 99%.

For every endodontic (root canal) treatment (root-canal therapy) we use endometer, to electrically measure the length of a root canal. X-rays (Kodak RVG sensors) are taken whenever needed to achieve the best precision. In the past 4 years, we have succesfully treated several thousands root canals with more than 95% success rate.

Every extraction is approached with maximum care. We use only the best and fastest acting local anesthetics (Ubistesin, Ubistesin forte, Scandonest, etc.). Also, several thousands extractions have been performed in past 4 years. Success rate is more than 99%.

Crowns and bridges are made to the highest standards. Every situation is different and needs to be approached individually. However, when patients follow our recommendations,each and every situation can be solved. We still have not had a single unsatisfied patient in this type of procedure. This means 100% success rate with several hundreds of patients.

With dental implants, our success rate is higher than 99.5%. In case of a failed implant, we repeat the procedure completely free of charge. We use only world-known, proven implants - ALPHA BIO TEC, due to high quality and a 100% manufacturer guarantee.

With more than 30 patients treated every day, we can not afford to make a mistake. Despite the high number of treated patients, we always take the time needed to successfuly solve any problem. Very demanding situations are often treated during the weekend, because of the extra time and care needed. In some complex cases, the whole day is reserved for only one patient, in order to have enough time to achieve the maximum result.