Why choose us?

We do.

This kind of experience with exactly the same team is unmatched by any other clinic in the region.

This enables us to reach a level of quality and experience that is hard to match.

Apart from this, these things set us aside from others...

First of all, experience. Particularly in the field of dental implantology. Members of our team have placed more implants successfully than any other team in this part of the world, in a period longer than 14 years. Altough our team is young and energetic, we have more experience in this field than vast majority of our older collegues.

Second, we do care about our patients' satisfaction. Each and every patient in this clinic is treated with the maximum care and dedication.We always find both time and energy to do the job professionally.This is one of the resons why our clinic is the fastest growing in Croatia (by the number of patients in Croatia that have chosen us as their primary care dentist).

Third, we stand by our work. Every procedure performed is under warranty for three years.If anything is not to your satisfaction, and the cause is our work, we will repeat the treatment for free.We guarantee our maximum effort for your dental health.

Fourth, quality. Our work, and materials used, and the treatment itself, either equals or surpasses quality of any dental team in Europe, USA and other countries. Our succes rates more than meets world standards, for every performed procedure.

Fifth, we will try to make your time spent in our clinic as enjoyable as possible. Dental treatment causes enough anxiety in many people, so we don't need to make it worse.We will do our best to relax a patient.The treatment should be as much as non-stresfull as possible.

This clinic will do the dental work that you require, by the highest world standards.A team of young, but very experienced dental professionals will take care of you in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.You don't have to pay a small fortune to get the high quality dental care.Come to Alpha and discover a new beginning.