Srđan Ijačić, Zrinka Zlatar, Martina Marina-Žunić, Edi Vučković, Tanja Ijačić, Marijana Rako-Šućur, Nikolina Urlić, Celestina Šerka, Ana Milinović i Marija Buble are the most important parts of our technician team. Each one of these well-trained and continually improving technicians has over 10 years of working experience.

Of course, for achieving the best results, the laboratory has to be equipped with the best machines and materials available today. For example, our laboratory uses:


  • CNC zirconium milling machine (Sirona - made by Siemens). On this machine, the models of patients' teeth are first analyzed by a computer, then the teeth are precision milled by CNC machine from zirconium blocks
  • All materials used are made by world-leading manufacturers (Ivoclar Vivadent, GC, Degusa, Bredent, Ceka, Vita, Dentaurum, etc.)
  • Machines used in laboratory are made by premium world manufacturers (Cerec ,MCXL ,Ivoclar ,Kavo ,NSK, etc.)



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