Before & After

Patient 1

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Patient 2

Patient 2 came to Alpha Dental Clinic with problems considering the lack of posterior teeth. In the lower jaws the patient had no posterior teeth on both sides. Tooth number 4 was the most posterior tooth on the left side, and tooth number 5 on the right side. This situation proved to be bad both for the mastication (chewing) process, and for the digestive system in general.

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Pic. 1 and pic. 2 show the situation before any treatment was taken.

Phase 1 – Dental implants were placed posterior on both sides. Picture is shown with implant and abutment in place (both on left and right side), 3 months after placing the implants.

Phase 2 – Bridges were done, with implants used as anchors.The bridge was in place 5 days after pictures 3 i 4 were taken. Pictures 5 and 6 show left and right side of the same patient with bridges in place.

Finished treatment – much better mastication process, and also largely improved situation for the whole digestive system. Also, the aesthetic improvement is achieved, and very visible in the complete smile of this patient.

Patient 3

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Here, the situation is very similar to the Patient 2 situation. Which is no surprise, because the lack of posterior teeth is the most common reason for dental implant placing. In this situation, the tooth number 5 was the most posterior tooth on both sides.

The patient had already been treated by a different dentist. As a result, this situation had already been tried to be solved by means of a prosthetic work, which included a small mobile denture for teeth 6 and 7 on both sides. Despite the fact the whole work was performed well, the patient wasn't completely satisfied. Instability of the mobile part was the main problem. We chose to solve the situation with dental implants and bridges.

Dental implants were placed on both sides at the same appointment, in the place of tooth number 7. Abutments were placed 3 months after (pic. 1 and pic.2)

Here we can see the situation on panoramic X-ray. Picture 3 shows the x-ray which was taken before any treatment was performed (pic. 3).Then the implants were placed, and 3 months after x-ray was done for control purposes (pic. 4). It is easily visible that the implants have grown into one with the jaw bone.

The bridges were made for both sides, from tooth number 5 to tooth number 7 (7 is dental implant, on both sides).The bridges were made to appear natural, given the patient's age (over 60) and the state of the natural teeth (pic. 5 and pic. 6).

Today, the patient has no problems at all.